Young achiever to Youtube sensation: with Jade Bowler

“That’s unJaded Jade!” The whispers whip around the quadrangle as Jade leaves her sixth form building. At only 17, Jade is recognised both on the street and in the school yard for her Youtube videos.

It’s 7am in Britain and Jade Bowler is already perched at her desk, tea in hand, ready to tackle the day. She’s what appears to be an everyday girl; but to almost 100,000 subscribers on Youtube she is what many may consider an inspiration.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-07 at 21.34.37
Jade Bowler (2017) Credit: Sixteenth Talent

Armed with an infectious personality and an intense focus on helping others it’s not hard to see why Jade’s videos already have over 5 million views. She is a “positive role model” in an online world that seems to centre so much on the materialistic.

“There are days where it all catches up with you.” Jade replies thoughtfully when asked how she balances it all: school, co-curricular activities, Youtube, opportunities … life.

“Prioritise what you enjoy.”

Perhaps this is what makes Jade successful – her ability to balance so much. Or maybe it’s how she views success as “relative.” To her you can feel successful by conquering a fear or overcoming a challenge, like Jade does with public speaking. But at the end of the day, success is what you make of it.

Her videos amassed quite a following after she started posting revision tips on how she received all A*s at GCSE. She says that “teachers play them to younger students” and why shouldn’t they? Jade’s recommendations aided by her success make her videos the encouragement many students need to achieve their own potential. Many of the students are already avid viewers of the 17 year old’s rapidly growing Youtube channel.

“Prioritise…plan… as well as yoga and meditation.” She says eventually, as she thinks about how she makes it all happen. And Jade wants to share that with everyone; what brings her success. Her kind natured and gentle spirit transforming lives as she spreads positivity with the world.

“Prioritise what you enjoy.” She concludes. Her love of biology is leading her to study it at university in the coming years but only after taking a gap year, despite the obvious stigma. She hopes to pursue conservation work and travel during that time.

She is someone who through remaining true to themselves, has achieved so much at such a young age.

If you’d like to see more of Jade please check out her Youtube channel.

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